Beautiful City in Vietnam is Hanoi

Many foreign tourists say that Vietnam is one of the amazing places in Southeast Asia. This country has a tropical climate, rich in sunlight that attracts foreign tourists to enjoy the tropical sun. Local culture is still awake in Vietnam. You can find the countryside where the people there farm and fish, harvest rice and respect the old traditions.

On the other side you will be surrounded by a tall skyscraper on a busy street where merchants sell freshly made snacks, where the scent can blend in with sound and things that never stop. The crowded place is Hanoi. Hanoi has been the capital for more than decades and even survives to this day. Hanoi is full of life, from young people to families for school or work.

Vietnam has vibrant cities and rural atmosphere that is still awake. Local culture has full strength, even as modern technological innovations and innovations continue to grow in busy cities. Vietnam wants to bring together technologies and traditions. This condition gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy luxurious accommodation to get around the entire culture and society of Vietnam. You can enjoy imperial cities, open deserts, and other cultural treasures.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam; the city is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Vietnam, even in Southeast Asia. Hanoi’s past has been devastated by war, but now Hanoi has managed to combine a beautiful civilization with sophistication and wisdom to match its Asian counterparts. The heart of Vietnamese culture is located in the majestic City of Hanoi; the city has many beautiful landmarks, colossal hotels with beautiful architecture, various apartments and Villa in Hanoi. There are two types of villas in Hanoi such as semi-detached and detached villas. Most properties comprised of three to six bedrooms with garden, swimming pool, lake view etc.

Staying in various villas or apartments in Hanoi is like living in harmony with nature. You will easily find ancient lakes and beautiful green streets. One of them is Hoan Kiem Lake, the most famous recreational place in this area which is also a favorite tourist attraction. Hoan Kiem Lake is famous for its unrivaled beauty and environment, its rich history filled with legends and myths of interest to learn.

Although the French influence occurred throughout the city, Hanoi still retained its ancient strength. Hanoi is decorated with brightly colored pagodas, a very famous museum, and ancient buildings that exude a unique Asian charm. The design of Hanoi city exudes an elegant European aura with French-style architecture and villas. Beautiful villas in Hanoi can be found easily only at Vinhomes Riverside villa rental.