About Dubai Real Estate Company

If you are visiting Dubai then what amazes you is the beauty of real estate design. The city is often referred to as a five star hotel city and a property business paradise. The lifestyle in Dubai is a perfect choice for the discerning traveler. Everything is available in Dubai, best restaurants, branded apparel, entertainment, to luxury property businesses. Therefore all people in the World hope to invest in Dubai. We as a professional real estate company in Dubai intend to facilitate investors worldwide to easily own property. You are our client then we are responsible for your success. We will provide full services on buying, selling and renovating homes in Dubai.

We are a real estate company in Dubai specializing in buying, selling, and renovating properties. We have been in the real estate and construction industry and have a successful record in new and renovated residential projects as well as commercial projects. We continue to invest in our property as well as joint ventures with other real estate investors who need cash. We are also a private loan borrower directly to us fellow real estate investors. We can also act as a real estate agent that will make it easy for you to have a home in Dubai. All the important advice you can get if you join our client.

Our real estate agents provide both residential and commercial accommodation for purchase, sell and renovation. Our company specializes in all aspects of property in UAE real estate market especially in Dubai.

Dubai is a great place to stay. Property in Dubai and Real Estate is a reserve center for long-term investment assets and real money value. Our real estate agent services will help you find sequential capital on several types of property sales, purchases, rentals, real estate agents, Dubai housing market reforms, mortgages / home loans, freehold property Dubai, Dubai real estate investment, trends, financial analysts, news Middle East real estate and property analysis.

To facilitate all of investors in realizing their desire to invest in Dubai with ease then we are aware that to make it happen then we have a team of experts in each field. This is our team;

(Personal Name), Executive Administrator Properties of Dubai Real Estate Company – Executive Administrator of Dubai Properties, He / she has an important role in all work operations. He / she is the center of all communications that manages the project flow from start to finish that goes into the office. He / she analyze, prioritize and delegate each project task to the appropriate Peak team and support members. He / she is a well-known university graduate of (write university) with a degree (title). He / She is able to work professionally in pressures and company targets.

(Personal name), Executive Funding Administrator of Dubai Real Estate Company – He / she is responsible for all Funding activities from start to finish. He / she analyzes and prioritizes any incoming projects and coordinates lending procedures between borrowers and our executive and support teams to ensure prompt and prompt implementation from beginning to end. He / she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from (write the name of the university). He / she has experience working as a bank associate in a renowned bank.

(Personal name), Project Manager Senior of Dubai Real Estate Company – He / she is very important to the success of all company projects. He / she has the main tasks for Planning, Implementing and Closing by defining the project, developing a comprehensive work plan, scope and budget management. He / she is our best Project Manager. He / she is able to accurately assist in analyzing each project from a realtor’s view as well as an investor’s view.

(Private name), Associate Project Manager of Dubai Real Estate Company – He / she is one of our associate project managers who are also real estate investors. His experience and Knowledge are abundant in providing and executing detailed project management skills and prioritizing each project. We are very proud to have coworkers like he / she. He / she gives a big advantage to the company.

(Personal name), Wholesaling Educator and Short Sale Specialist of Dubai Real Estate Company – He is a mortgage consultant graduated from Law School’s (typed name) school and works as a lawyer. He / she has become part of Dubai real estate company with a myriad of experiences in real estate law. He / she is an expert on the Short Sales process so that many of our clients make great profits when consulting with him / her.